“How Should Christians Think About Their Work?” - Bonnie Wurzbacher

Video / Produced by The High Calling

Most of our thinking as Christians in the workplace has typically focused on bringing aspects of our faith into the way we work; in other words, we should be ethical, kind, act with integrity, and, if possible, share our faith with others. This is all, of course, right and true. But is there more to it?

What about the purpose of our work? Does your company contribute meaningfully to the community, in a way that honors God? Does your work within the company contribute to this goal? These are the kinds of questions we have to ask ourselves if we are serious about truly bringing our faith to every aspect of our work.

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Many, many Christians will immediately go to the process of their work. They know it's important that they're ethical. They will hope that they can find ways to share their faith at times, and they will try to be kind and Christlike to the people around them. I think most Christians who are serious about their work get that. The part that I found a lot of Christians struggle with more, and certainly I did, was the product or the service itself, why that's important. So is being a Christian at work about starting a Bible study at your office? Many will move there. "Well, I'm going to start a Bible study." And that's notable and honorable and I don't discourage that all, but that's not the same as understanding the value of the work you do in God's Kingdom. Your company pays you, or if you own your own company it will only be sustainable if it does what it's supposed to do really well.