“What Advice Do You Have for Raising Kids?” - Nancy Norris

Video / Produced by The High Calling

Here at The High Calling, we often say that vocation is about more than just a job. This means, for better or worse, that our calling doesn't end when we clock out. We're called to dedicate not only our work to God, but all of the areas of our life. This means that if you have children, even if you aren't a stay-at-home mother or father, being a present, loving, and dedicated parent is part of what it means to glorify God with your life.

Sound daunting? Maybe. But as we've seen elsewhere, love can have a way of lending us joy even when we're most spent.

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TRANSCRIPT: Raise confident children, and raise young daughters who know who they are. I think my husband has been a huge part of that. What I would say to young men who are raising daughters especially, and sons, is to be a loving, playful, present dad, because when there's dad the girls just know they're loved, and they hear that they're beautiful and then, they're not out seeking that from somewhere else inappropriately. So, just that whole family connect is really important. Talk about your own experiences too.