Wait, Let Me Check Facebook! Distraction at Work: October 12 Newsletter

Newsletter / Produced by The High Calling
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Multitasking. It’s the word of the age. We can balance the budget, set up the employee training sessions, schedule a dentist appointment, and plan a week’s worth of meals all at once, while keeping tabs on celebrity gossip and our friends’ vacations on Facebook. Right?

Well, maybe not. Technology brings our work both blessings and curses, and one of the curses is that it can be harder to focus on the forest as we multitask our way through the trees. Be encouraged by these stories from your fellow multitaskers to give more of what you do your full attention: work, family, rest, and God. So put down the cat video, step away from the phone, turn off the email notifications, and listen as he speaks his peace into your distracted heart.

Social Media and the Sermon on the Mount

From The High Calling

If you're reading this, it's safe to assume that you weren't present for the original Sermon on the Mount. Still, each of us has a less glamorous event in everyday life to which we must give our full attention. Read more

Multitasking Fast

From The High Calling

I spend most of my days simultaneously listening to the radio, checking email, answering phone calls and drop-by questions from coworkers, and moving in and out of various software programs running queries, researching discrepancies, and tabulating results. It all appears very busy and productive, but at the end of the day, I often am not even really sure what I accomplished. Read more

God of Offices and Kitchens

From the Theology of Work Project

This hymn reminds us to keep everything — including the internet — in perspective as we try to see and serve God’s gifts and his glory. Read more