Where is God When You Lose Your Job?

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Many economists are saying that the Great Recession is over. The stock market has rallied to new heights for the year. Gross Domestic Product is growing at a healthy clip. There are glimmers of hope in housing starts, manufacturing and auto sales. Sounds promising, right? But when economists pronounce the end of the recession, all they are really saying is that some technical statistics have indicated that the economy has stopped contracting. Unfortunately, the lagging indicator in an economic recovery is always unemployment. While the papers trumpet the turnaround, the harsh truth is that unemployment has hit its highest rate since the early eighties, tracked last week at 10.2%. This grim reality affects millions of folks who could care less what the rest of the government's statistics have to say. Lyla, a High Calling Blogger at A Different Story, is one of those recently unemployed, and tells of her experience on the last day of her job:

"It’s a peculiar feeling, today. I’ve deleted all my email, loaded my car, shipped my files and changed my voice mail to notify customers “I am no longer an active employee.” I have nothing to do."

She goes on to describe the events of that day, and concludes with this:

What will you do now? My answer remains the same: I will wait on God. He hasn’t failed me yet. I don’t suppose He’ll change His ways anytime soon. And so continues this new chapter in the story of His great faithfulness.

Here is a woman of faith, who views the last day of her employment not as and ending, but as the beginning of something new that God will do, an opportunity to reveal His faithfulness. We are not sure how, or when, or where, but the deep knowing is there. With God's help, all will be well. (A hat tip to Jennifer of Getting Down with Jesus for pointing us to Lyla's inspiring post.)