Intercessions for the Unemployed (Prayer)

Prayer / Produced by partner of TOW
Prayers for unemployed people and unemployment

Lord, help us to remember
that work in industry is the principal way in which we provide for our material needs and the needs of others, and helps to maintain our social services and leisure;
that work is for people, not people for work;
that money, machines and materials are things, while workers, suppliers and customers are people;
that in our type of society, those who cannot find work feel their dignity is diminished;
that life is more than work.

So let us pray
for those who seek work but cannot find it;
for those who over-work and neglect others;
for those who should work but avoid it;
for those who do work but resent it;
for those who exploit work and demean it;
for efficient production, honest marketing and responsible use of resources;
for more justice in the sharing of this world's goods in our own community and between nations;
for the unemployed, their families, and other victims of economic forces;
for all Christians at work, that they may look on their employment as ministry, and feel supported in it by
their local church;
for the whole world, as it faces the challenge of change and the impact of new technologies.