The Earth, The Sky, The Oceans (Hymn)

Hymn / Produced by partner of TOW
Earth sky oceans


The earth, the sky, the oceans
And all that they contain;
The world with all its secrets,
It is the Lord's domain.
To rule his great creation
God gives to humankind
The gifts of strength and courage
And an inventive mind.

For quest and exploration,
Our God has given the key
To free the hidden forces
And wealth of land and sea.

To new advance in science,
Research to conquer pain,
To growth in skill and knowledge
We are by God ordained.

To us from birth is given
Our stewardship and brief;
To search for truth and purpose,
To find the heart of life.
God calls us to adventure
With work of hand and brain,
To share with all his people
The profits we may gain.

We pledge ourselves to service,
That with the help of Christ
We may be able stewards
Of all that does exist.
Whate'er we may discover
On earth, in outer space,
God grant that we may use it
To bless the human race.

(Fred Kaan c.1968 Galliard. Tune: Wolvercote)