Forgive Us When We Are Too Rushed to Care (Prayer)

Prayer / Produced by partner of TOW

For our incapacity to feel the sufferings of others,
and our tendency to live comfortably with injustice,
God forgive us.

For the self-righteousness which denies guilt,
and the self-interest which strangles compassion,
God forgive us.

For those who live their lives in careless unconcern,
who cry 'Peace, peace' where there is no peace,
We ask your mercy.

For our failings in community,
our lack of understanding,
We ask your mercy.

For our lack of forgiveness, openness, sensitivity,
God forgive us.

For the times we are too eager to be better than others,
when we are too rushed to care,
when we are too tired to bother,
when we don't really listen,
when we are too quick to act from motives other than love,
God forgive us.