We Dedicate to You, O God, the Industries of Our Towns (Prayer)

Prayer / Produced by partner of TOW
We offer god the industry of our towns

Offering the Work of a Town to God in a Church Service

The President of the Medway or Chamber of Commerce will say:

We have brought these tokens of our products to our Cathedral Church, as a sign that all things come from God, and that it is he who gives the skills of mind and hand.

The Dean will say:

These tokens of your work and tools of your trade have been placed around God's altar in your Cathedral Church. Will you now ask his blessing on all your labours, and on all who work with you.

All will say:

We dedicate to you, O God, the industries of our towns, that all who work in them, by hand or brain, may serve to your glory and the good of others, for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.