Miscellaneous Prayers About Work

Worship / Produced by partner of TOW

1. You Asked for My Hands (Prayer)

You asked for my hands... I withdrew them for the work was hard.... Forgive me.

2. My Salt Dissolved And My Light Faded Away (Prayer)

I was afraid of comitting myself and my salt dissolved as if in water.

3. Help Me Find Myself Away from Home (Prayer)

You have called me away from home... Pitch our tent with mine.

4. I Am Angry About Unemployment, What Now? (Prayer)

Lord, I am angry about my unemployment. What now?

5. God Knows My Tiredness (Prayer)

My prayer is more than "Thank God the day is over!"

6. Paper, Metal And Plastic Pass Through My Hands, From God (Prayer)

May I not forget that all things come from you, Creator, Provider, Sustainer.

7. My Monday Fears Keep Me from Living Out My Sunday Faith (Prayer)

I am afraid to be faithful at work. Let your love cast out all fear.

8. Jesus, Help Me Think of You as a Coworker (Prayer)

Help me think of you as a coworker so I discover you in others with whom I work.

9. You Know About Frustrations, God, Forgive Me When I Think of Work as a Curse (Prayer)

God, you see my frustrations at work.

10. In My Daily Work There Is So Much Untruth (Prayer)

Help me at work where promises are not intented to be kept.

11. Lord, Bless My Work (Prayer)

Human labor has dignity, so Lord bless my work.