Lord We Pray That People May Increasingly Work Together in Agreement (Prayer)

Prayer / Produced by partner of TOW
May people work together prayer

Lord we pray,
That people may increasingly work together in agreement,
doing things which are sane to do,
with mutual helpfulness and tolerance;

That the great masses of humanity
may rise out of dwarfing pressures and cramped surroundings
To understanding and participation;

That the resources of the earth
may be husbanded and harvested,
economised and used
with scientific skill for the maximum of human benefit;

That towns and cities may be finely built
and men and women finely taught and trained;

That there may be open ways
and peace and freedom
from end to end of the earth;

That through the great body of humankind
may go evermore
an increasing common understanding,
an intensifying fellowship. Amen.

(Prayers for the City of God - slightly adapted)