Paper, Metal And Plastic Pass Through My Hands, From God (Prayer)

Worship / Produced by partner of TOW
Prayer for papers and work

Lord, as in this new week
paper, metal and plastic will pass through my hands and processes,
and ‘phones and VDUs exchange messages and information –
may I not forget that all things come from you,
the Creator, Provider, Sustainer.

In the work of my hands may I glorify you.
In the work of my lips may I praise you.
In the thoughts of my mind may I adore you.
In the longing of my spirit may I reach out to you.

Lord, for today and every working day,
grant to my colleagues and myself –
patience with one another;
a true spirit of co-operation;
opportunities to laugh as well as to work together;
and above all a new ability to perceive that you are here among us.