We Believe That People Are Born to Lead Fulfilling, Creative and Productive Lives (Prayer)

Prayer / Produced by partner of TOW
Productive lives


(To be said together or alternately by different groups)

We believe
in a God of justice,
tender to the poor and oppressed
who hears their cries;
creating, loving, redeeming
throughout history.

We believe
in the Son of God,
made human.
He suffered and died,
because he challenged and upset
the powers of his day.

We believe
in the Spirit of God,
the Spirit who gives life and joy,
who moves us, touches us
and keeps us going.

We believe
that people are born
to lead fulfilling, creative
and productive lives.

We believe that unemployment
and frustrating work
are a denial of God's image in us.

We believe
that we have to search for the truth,
be brave enough to proclaim it,
and realise that we need each other
to build community.