Let us Thank God for Hard Work and for the People Who Do It (Prayer)

Prayer / Produced by partner of TOW
Hard work

Let us thank God
for the gift of life and the resources of the world;
for our share in the continuing work of creation;
for human skill and inventiveness, enterprise and hard work;
for industry, commerce and administration and its many products of food, transport, roads, houses, clothing, medicines, machines, fresh water, sewage disposal.

Let us thank God
that we are made in the image of his Son, called to share in his reconciling work; to resist evil, transform nature and to proclaim his concern for people;
for those who work to maintain the fabric of our community, in shops, offices, factories and farms;
for engineers and technologists, for technicians and sales people, for those who work in finance and research and development, and for those who plan and manage;
for those who provide food and water, heat and light, milk and mail;
for those who are not employed but still contribute - housewives, the retired, the disabled and children;
for the principal organizations of industry, for companies, for professional associations, for employers' organizations and trade unions.