Working With Dignity: August 9 Newsletter

Newsletter / Produced by The High Calling
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No one wants to be treated unfairly. No one wants to be overlooked. We all want to find dignity in the work we do. Dignity is a non-negotiable if we want to build healthy relationships with one another. Our writers this week remind us that followers of Christ can restore dignity where it is lacking — in our schools, in our communities and churches, in our judicial systems, and especially in the workplace.

Why Dignity Matters in a World of Amazon and Other Things

From The High Calling

Love people. All people. Everywhere. No matter what.

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Dignity Lost and Found

From The High Calling

Dignity returns to life when we take other people seriously, listen to their stories, and enter their pain.

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​Wealth Gained Through Unjust Means is Harmful

From the Theology of Work Project

The way we earn, employ or manage others, conduct business, invest and spend our money can be just or unjust. And this cannot be separated from our worship of God.

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