9: Accountability for leaders (1 Samuel 25:26-34)

Devotional / Produced by TOW Project
Work through whole bible devotional card version 2

Scripture Reading: 1 Samuel 25:26-34

David had a long and difficult apprenticeship; his rivalry with Saul caused him to flee for his life, eluding Saul while leading a band of brigands in the wildernesses of Judah for ten years. As David’s power grew, he came into conflict with a rich landowner named Nabal.

David sent a delegation to ask Nabal to donate some lambs for a feast for David’s army. Not only did Nabal refuse to give David anything for the feast, he insulted David publicly. David immediately set out with 400 armed men to slay Nabal and kill every male in his household.

Thank God, Nabal’s wise-hearted wife Abigail stepped into the fray. David was moved by her words and abandoned his plan. He even thanked Abigail for diverting him from his recklessness.

People need to hold their leaders accountable as Abigail did, although doing so may come at the cost of great personal risk. You don’t have to have authority status to be called to exercise influence. But you do need courage, which fortunately is something you can receive from God at any time.

In what ways may God be calling you to exercise influence to hold people in positions of higher authority accountable? How can you cultivate a godly attitude of respect along with an unwavering commitment to telling the truth? What courage do you need from God to actually do it?

Prayer: Jesus, help me discern when I need to confront those in authority. Help me do it with courage and godly wisdom. Help me find the right words to say. Amen.

For Further Exploration: Read Abigail Defuses a Crisis Between David and Nabal (1 Samuel 25) from the Theology of Work Bible Commentary.