Introduce Your Church to Faith and Work

Article / Produced by TOW Project
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1. Sample Sermons to Introduce Faith and Work

Sermon notes from a wide variety of preachers give you ideas on how to introduce your church to faith and work.

2. Introduce Your Church to Faith at Work with Popular Bible Passages

Not sure where to start? Pastors often use these go-to passages to begin to talk to their congregations about work.

3. Learn What The Bible Says About Work from 3 Different Professionals

A businessman, a management professor, and a pastor each explain in their own words what the Bible says about work.

4. Denomination Specific Perspectives on The Theology of Work

Introductory resources on faith at work geared towards particular Christian denominations.

5. Recommended Books and Bibliographies About the Theology of Work

Learn more about faith and work from these resources: from introductary books to bibliographies for advanced study.