Original PR Announcement for the Theology of Work Project Bible Commentary (Video)

Video / Produced by TOW Project

The Theology of Work Project Bible Commentary was released on June 12, 2014. This video describes how a team of 138 scholars, pastors, executives and workers from 16 countries created this product to help people in any line of work apply the Bible.


Narrator: Lawyer. Hotel clerk. Chef. Teacher. Does God care about your work? Turns out he does. He cares a great deal. At least that’s the finding of a new web-based Bible commentary

Dr. Haddon W. Robinson, Theology of Work President: The Bible answers a lot of questions ordinary people have about work. For example: If you’re at a job you don’t like, did God put you there? Is it alright to lie on the job, if your back’s to the wall? Or, how do you treat the people who work for you? Those are the questions that the Bible speaks to. And yet, 95% of Christians say they have never heard a sermon about work.

Narrator: Scholars and business people worked side by side for five years creating the Theology of Work interactive website. The site is accurate, and it applies to real life.

Audio example embedded on What we may view as secular work is really sacred work. In fact, we need to break down the distinction we tend to make between secular and sacred.

Narrator: After five years work, the committee is celebrating the project’s launch.

Haddon Robinson: Theology of Work commentary is complete!

Team: Yeah!!!

Narrator: It’s now available free online for pastors, professors, and thoughtful people in any line of work. (Click here to purchase the Theology of Work Bible commentary in print.)

This is the only Bible commentary based on the topic of work. It’s free to use at The website boasts podcasts, sermons, and interviews with a variety of people like eHarmony founder Dr. Neil Clark Warren, whose goal was to reduce divorce.

Dr. Neil Clark Warren: If you could reduce the divorce rate from where it is now to single digits, 9 or fewer percent, it would be the greatest single social revolution in the history of the human race.

Narrator: See how other Christians apply theology in work, like lawnmower maker Bob Walker of Walker Manufacturing. Walker follows the Bible’s exhortation to look out for others’ interests, even though he personally risks losing money.

Bob Walker: Even though it’s a very seasonal business - that is, if we just made mowers when we needed them we would wait and bring a whole bunch of people in and make lawnmowers and then shut down when we were done for the season - for us we felt as a principle we should treat people like we would want to be treated. People have a full time life - nobody has a seasonal life. So, we have organized ourselves to have year round employment.

Narrator: is interactive and invites people not just to hear and see, but to apply newfound knowledge. Log on today,, where you and your work matter.