Can Christians Take Vacations? June 7 Newsletter

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Nearly two-thirds of Americans fail to maximize their vacation allowance: too much to do, not enough time, just enough money to pay the bills. Vacation doesn’t fit. So taking a vacation requires at least a willingness to argue with our excuses. After all, every child knows you need a vacation. What’s more, it seems that God knew that too. Read on.

Vacation Isn’t a Place to “Go”

From The High Calling

Vacation restores an openness and ease that's so often lacking in the pressure of day-to-day life. This spaciousness softens and restores the human soul. Read more

Untaken Photos

From The High Calling

The vacation was nothing fancy. Nothing like what I thought I wanted. But it was—according to my family—exactly what they needed. Read more

Created to Rest

From the Theology of Work Project

In Genesis 2 God both works and rests. Clearly there is something more to rest than maintaining energy for the production line. Read more