Dads at Work: June 14 Newsletter

Newsletter / Produced by The High Calling
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On Father’s Day, some of us lovingly rack our brains to come up with a creative present for Dad. Others, who have no dads or whose dads have not done very well at the work of being a dad, may wish the day would quickly pass. Meanwhile those who are dads may be wondering how to do better at this difficult job. The stories in this newsletter point us through our earthly fatherswhatever their imperfectionsto our heavenly Father. That’s a good Father’s Day present for anyone.

Thank You, God, For My Dad

From The High Calling

Today, I am deeply thankful for my dad. He wasn’t perfect. But what parent is perfect? Read more

Restoring the Natural Order

From The High Calling

After my dad and I both came through great suffering, we had a lot to celebrate. Read more

Calling to Life, Not Only to Work

From the Theology of Work Project

There is no formula for balancing work and the other elements of life, including parenting. But take care not to let a sense of calling to a job blind you to God’s calling in the other areas of life. Read more