Lights, Camera, God: Being a Christian in Entertainment: November 30 Newsletter

Newsletter / Produced by The High Calling
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Movie screens, TV screens, and phone screens: from big-time Hollywood movies to streaming video, our modern lives contain an abundance of visual entertainment. How do we understand entertainment in relationship to our faith? Can Christians be filmmakers and actors? Can “secular” film and TV teach us eternal truths? This newsletter will introduce you to Christians who are considering big issues like racism and climate change through the medium of film. And it will remind us that when we tell stories, on screens or off, we emulate our God, who told stories, too.

Looking for God in Films

From The High Calling

Like the biblical prophets, independent filmmakers tend to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. Read more

Hollywood Pilgrims

From The High Calling

There are still a few films with conversion stories at their center. But they don’t end up the way you might expect. Read more

Human Creativity With God

From the Theology of Work Project

Human work is meant to fulfill God’s creative intent, bring each person into greater relationship with God and others, and glorify God. Films included. Read more