Paging God at the Hospital: March 8 Newsletter

Newsletter / Produced by The High Calling
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We expect a lot of modern healthcare: fewer bills, more answers, and less time in the doctor’s waiting room. But believe it or not, we can find God there too. This week’s stories come from healthcare workers who have noticed God at work. They may help you see him there too. Read on.

Bringing Shalom into the Workplace

From The High Calling

When a Christian became the CEO of a big city hospital, his mandate from the Board of Directors was to increase profits. His mandate from himself? Increase flourishing. Read more.

Winnefred Abena Boachie, Midwife

From The High Calling

When her mother’s life was in question, Winnefred decided that she would go into medicine. Read more

Healing in Luke’s Gospel

From the Theology of Work Project

Christians’ non-miraculous efforts to restore human bodies can be seen as extensions of Jesus’ life-giving, miraculous healing ministry. Read more