Help when a Kid Hates a Teacher (Devotional)

Devotional / Produced by TOW Project
Christian devotional help when a kid hates a teacher

A teacher can make a kid's day, or break a kid's spirit. If your child doesn’t get along with a teacher, read this plan together, or listen on the way to school. The Bible offers practical advice to help a kid who’s struggling with authority. That includes praying for teachers, learning to speak with respect, and looking for ways to help out.

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"Carlie! Hannah!" Ms. Mitchell barked. "We’re talking about the Bill of Rights. Can either of you tell me the First Amendment?"

"Um, the right to remain silent?" Carlie guessed.

"No, that’s wrong."

Carlie looked down at the desk, embarrassed. Hannah thought of the perfect joke to cheer her up.

"She should have called it the Bill of Wrongs!" Hannah exclaimed, a little louder than she had meant to.

Some kids laughed, but others gasped.

"Hannah," Ms. Mitchell growled. "Hallway. Now."

Correction and punishment are sometimes part of a teacher’s job. If you’re the one getting corrected or punished, you might feel like you have a right to mock your teacher or not listen to what they say. Sadly, disrespecting a teacher will hurt more than it helps. Disrespect makes it hard for a teacher to respect you! If you want school to improve, you can’t “be overcome by evil” as Romans 12:21 puts it. You need to “overcome evil with good.

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