Working Together at Home (Devotional)

Devotional / Produced by TOW Project
Working with kids at home christian devotional

Inside the four walls of your home, there’s a lot of work to do. Kids and grownups all want their work to be noticed. This plan teaches children to value the work that goes on around them. Learn from Sean, Riley, and their parents—a family like yours struggling to work together at home.

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Their mother came back into the kitchen and gasped. "What on earth is all over your sister?!"

"Um, maple syrup?" Sean answered.

"Honestly, I expect a little more help from you," his mother snapped. "I work hard around here. I need you to start working too."

Sean got angry. "I’m working all the time!" he growled, gesturing at his sister. "Why don’t you notice the work I do?"

If your work goes unnoticed, do you get angry? Do you wish you got points for all the work you do? Like you lived in a video game and heard a "ka-ching" sound every time you did something good?

Sadly, our work is not always immediately rewarded. And it can feel frustrating when no one pays attention.

In Matthew 25 Jesus says that God is always paying attention. God cares about the work we do, especially the work that that no one else notices. Jesus says that God will give away "the kingdom" to people who do good work that no one sees. And when you notice the hard work of the people around you, you’re doing an important job for God.

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