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Quick Prayers for Sunday's Service

Let the marketers and advertisers bless you, great God, the entrepreneurs sing your praise.... A Benedicite for Human Work

As a husband, Dad, physician, farmer, layperson, jail minister, and follower of Jesus Christ, Help me to know you are always present in and around me as I am present to those you have called me to minister in the name of Jesus.... Litany for the Affirmation of Ministry in Daily Life

In the ministry of your daily life and work, will you proclaim by word and example the Good News of God in Christ? .... A Commissioning to Vocation in Daily Life

Contemporary Songs for Sunday's Service


worship Resources

These resources for Sunday worship come from "Work in Worship," edited and compiled by Rev David Welbourn. You can also download the entire Work in Worship book as a PDF.

Prayer Material for Services

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