Schoolwork is Work Too: September 6 Newsletter

Newsletter / Produced by The High Calling
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Search Google for “images of work” and you’ll get endless pictures of office workers in front of laptops. But it would be just as true to see rooms full of kindergartners, or teachers standing at whiteboards, or young people people frantically studying at the university library. Schoolwork is part of God’s plan too. This week, our writers examine the experience of school from a God’s-eye view. (P.S. We have a curriculum for young kids about how their work matters to God; you can find it here.)

A Tale of Two Failures

From The High Calling

When I was six, my mother went to Back-to-School night and discovered there was a competition to see who could learn their multiplication tables first. There was no question in her mind who would win that race.

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Living and Dying By Degrees

From The High Calling

School or no school, advanced degree or high school diploma, department chair or fry guy, Jesus told the story of the Good Samaritan and then said, "Go and do likewise."

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Video: Jesus Was an Educator

From the Theology of Work Project

In this video, Professor Sean McDonough explains how Jesus was the model teacher. He's joined by a panel of professional educators who talk about their faith and their work, starting at minute 13.

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