Trapped in an Ungodly Job: September 27 Newsletter

Newsletter / Produced by The High Calling
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If Jesus wanted to visit you at work, would you ask for some other meeting place? Many workplaces feel like ungodly environments, yet people choose to stay for multiple and difficult reasons. This week, our writers speak hope about what to do when work doesn’t advance God’s kingdom. (P.S. We have studies on dealing with bad bosses and re-entering the workforce after incarceration, if those are situations you’re trying to escape.)

Back to the Mines

From The High Calling

Why do we stay in bad jobs?

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Life Inside the Fishbowl

From The High Calling

Once in a while, I feel sad and mad that I wasted four years of my life inside a toxic environment.

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Unjust Work

From the Theology of Work Project

The question is not, “Is it acceptable to earn a living as a prostitute,” but “How must society change to eliminate the need for anyone to do degrading or harmful work?”

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