Worship ideas related to work

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Sunday worship can have a powerful impact on Monday through Friday if the themes of prayers and songs relate to the world of work.

Preparing People for Vocation Interviews

Churches who want to equip their members to work alongside God Monday through Friday should bring workplace themes into the Sunday service. There are more ways to do this than just through preaching or workplace interviews.  Here you’ll find a wide selection of worship resources that focus on work.



Contemporary Worship Songs




Work in Worship – A Comprehensive Collection of Worship Resources on Work
"Work in Worship" is a 252-page, comprehensive treasury of prayers, readings, hymns ancient and modern, orders of service and ideas for preaching about work. Originally written by Cameron Butland, this previously unpublished revision appears here thanks to the generosity of its compiler and editor, Rev David Welbourn. While we are putting together a more easily searchable online version the whole book can be downloaded here as a pdf file