We Are Timebound

Article / Produced by TOW Project

God created a world with time and where human time is limited. By God’s creation, we have days, seasons, generations and lifetimes (Genesis 1, Psalm 104).[1] Further we need to be aware of time and will be held accountable for our time (Psalm 90:12, Ecclesiastes 3, Proverbs 6:6-11, Proverbs 20:4). Kana argues that time is God’s resource and we are stewards of time.[2]

Allocating resources among people across different time periods is the underpinning of finance. Financial resources are needed for a few days because of production or shipping time, or a few months due to seasonal business, or a half year due to a growing season, or for several years for new product development and launch, or for decades to build a factory or buy a house, or for most of a life time for retirement savings. In a world where people’s needs, opportunities, and available resources vary over time, finance is the primary means of matching resources to needs across time.

See Paul Mills, “A Brief Theology of Time – Part 2: Resisting the Tyranny of Time,” Cambridge Papers, Vol 11 No 4, December 2002 for a summary of the Biblical account of time.

Jonathan Kana, “Time: A Non-Renewable Resource,” Perspectives, Volume 25, Number 10 (December 2010)