Event Ideas for the First Year of a Faith-Based Employee Resource Group (ERG)

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Event ideas for the first year of an employee resource group

Plan for an engaging event at least once a quarter. Events galvanize your base of support and give members a fun opportunity to meet one another and grow connections. Here are some possible events.


Plan for regular meetings – whether they’re weekly, monthly, or quarterly – where members can learn together, network, and share problems and prayers. This could be before work, during a lunch break, or after work at a local watering hole. Use for easy videos to get discussion started.


  • These plug-and-play bible studies lead group members through an experience of listening to scripture and relating the Bible to their day-to-day work.
  • Watch all videos free on


Invite a speaker on a topic of interest such as Stewardship or Leadership. While nationally renowned speakers are a draw, don’t discount the value of a company insider sharing their faith story. A well-respected team member will inspire their contacts to come to the event and experience the ERG community.


Participating in a day of community service builds team spirit and demonstrates the values your ERG embodies to your company. Consider partnering with a local charity, or participate in a walk for a cause.

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