Personal Spiritual Health Questionnaire

Article / Produced by TOW Project and Partners
Personal spiritual health questionnaire

This questionnaire will help you evaluate your current spiritual health. This is an essential step before leading others in a faith-based group.


  1. How strong is your day-to-day connection to God?
    • Very connected to God
    • Somewhat connected to God
    • Neutral - sometimes connected and sometimes disconnected
    • Somewhat disconnected to God
    • Not at all connected to God
  2. How strong is your feeling of calling?
    • I feel called to my day-to-day work
    • I’m trying to discern a sense of calling
    • I feel called to faith but not to my particular work
    • I don’t feel a calling
    • I’ve never thought about calling before
  3. Do you find joy in life?
    • I feel great joy in my life and in my work
    • I often feel joy in my personal pursuits, but not in my work
    • I sometimes feel joy
    • I rarely feel joy
    • I can’t remember the last time I felt joy


  1. How often do you pray?
    • I’m always praying
    • I pray several times throughout the day
    • I pray in the morning or at bedtime, but rarely during the day
    • Sometimes I pray once or twice a day
    • I hardly remember to pray
  2. How often do you pray ABOUT YOUR WORK?
    • I’m always praying about my work
    • I pray about my work before I start my workday
    • I pray when I encounter a big problem at work
    • I hardly remember to pray about my work
    • I’ve never prayed about my work
  3. How often do you meet with other Christians?
    • I meet with Christians on a weekly basis to talk about life and get support
    • I meet with Christians on a weekly basis to socialize
    • I meet with other Chistians sporadically
    • I used to meet with other Christians regularly, but I don’t do it now
    • I don’t talk with other Christians
  4. How often does scripture come into your mind?
    • Often a verse of scripture pops into my head relating to the situation I’m in
    • When I face a problem, I look to scripture to give me inspiration
    • I read scripture in the morning and it starts my day off right
    • I hear scripture only at church on Sundays
    • I haven’t read scripture in a long time


  1. Do you show excellence in your work?
    • I strive to do the best I can in my work
    • I don’t always give it my all, but I have a good track record at work
    • I work hard when I need to, but I slack off at other times
    • I do the bare minimum I need to do to get by at work
    • Other people see problems in my work
  2. Do you help others in your workplace?
    • I go above and beyond to help other people in my workplace
    • I have several people I regularly advise or mentor at work
    • I have some close connections at work
    • I am polite at work but I mostly keep to myself
    • I actively dislike my coworkers
  3. How much do you value money?
    • I want to succeed to further God’s purposes in the world
    • I want money for safety and security
    • I want to impress other people with my wealth
    • I care about money more than anything else