How to Pray for a Faith-Based Employee Resource Group (ERG)

Article / Produced by TOW Project and Partners
How to pray for a faith based employee resource group

When you are faithful in your work, God is faithful in the results. Every step of launching your ERG can be an experience that grows your faith. Pray for God to bless each person you reach through your ERG. Pray for the success of your coworkers and company. Pray for God to multiply your results. We are already praying for you to succeed!

“My Father is still working, and I also am working.” - John 5:17

SAMPLE PRAYERS for Your Employee Resource Group (ERG)

May our company grow to bless all employees, customers, stakeholders, and the world.

May our ERG reach many people hungry for faith and connection at our company.

May our events touch and inspire people.

May others become curious about faith through our communications, our events, our personal integrity, and our good work.

May great conversations flourish at our company as a result of our ERG.

May all leaders of our ERG find flourishing in their jobs and lives, and may all those we touch find flourishing.

May we in all draw closer to you, God.


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