Faith Inclusion Has a Multi-Million Dollar Impact

Article / Produced by TOW Project and Partners
Faith inclusion has a multi million dollar impact

This executive tells the story of the multi-million dollar impact a faith-based Employee Resource Group had on her company.

Sue Warnke is the Senior Director of Content and Communications Experience at Salesforce, and the president of Faithforce San Francisco, an internal interfaith organization.

We need to work within the language of our leaders, just like Paul did when he would go into a city. You speak as they speak and use that language.

Piggyback on all of this incredible diversity work. Faith inclusion and faith diversity help the business.

We have all sorts of data to show that by having a faith group in the workplace, we have improved recruiting, retention, innovation, productivity, and morale. We have people that will leave other companies – big competitors of ours – and come to Salesforce because of this faith inclusion.

They didn't feel safe or free to pray at their other company, and they see that they can do that at Salesforce, and they come here for that.

So it was a multi-million dollar impact.

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