In a Fast-Moving World, Teach Us That You Are The God of All Wisdom (Prayer)

Prayer / Produced by partner of TOW
Fast moving world

Living God,
when we feel the shaking of the foundations
and try to retreat into the security of the past,
teach us that you are the God of the future.

Living God,
when we are tempted to despair,
when events move so quickly
and it seems there is no way forward,
teach us that you are the God of hope.

Living God,
when things happen beyond our understanding
and we find our trust in you is threatened,
teach us that you are the God of faith.

Living God,
in a fast-moving world, when we find our values questioned
and it is not easy to perceive what is right,
teach us that you are the God of all wisdom.
So that we may learn to live each day
in company with you
and to follow you wherever you will lead us. Amen.

(Nigel Collinson, President of Conference 1996-97, in For the Healing of the Nations: (Methodist) Prayer Handbook, 1996-1997)

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