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Marketplace Leaders Are the Heroes

Your Work Matters to God

Every legitimate kind of work is a way of loving God, serving others, and fulfilling your calling. In fact, work is a major topic in the Bible, beginning with the surprising statement in Genesis 2:15 that God created people to work, not as a punishment, but as a pleasure and a way of relating to God himself. The Theology of Work Project helps people explore how to apply the Christian faith to their work.

Burning Questions:



How do you know what career God wants for you?

In this article on Calling & Vocation we explore the calling to a particular type of work, the calling to church vs. non-church work, the callings to work beyond the paid workforce, and the ultimate freedom that Christians enjoy in their work.



What if you hate your job?

How Should We Work as Christians? This 9-point summary outlines what the Bible says about the purpose of work and how we should approach it.

What Does Calling Mean If You Hate Your Job? In this podcast Will Messenger explains what to do if you believe that God has called you to your job but you still hate it.

Redefining Work - In this video Tim Keller lays out a theology of vocation including: What was God's original intent for work? What makes it difficult? And How can we overcome these difficulties?



Should you work with non-Christians?

Should You Work with Unbelievers?

The TOW Bible Commentary for 1 Corinthians 5:9-10 shows that Christians are not called to withdraw from the world, despite legitimate fears about ethics.

The TOW Bible Commentary for 2 Corinthians 6:14-18 offers a way to think about interacting with non-Christians in the workplace.  This commentary explores what it means to be "yoked" or "mis-matched" with unbelievers at work. 

If we learn from Paul's example in Acts 20-28, we see that good leadership encompasses four factors: courage, suffering, respect, and concern for others. This is as true in the workplace today as it was in New Testament times.



How Can I Strengthen My Faith Daily?

The Theology of Work Project creates devotionals about work powered through the YouVersion Bible App. Topics include:



How do other people integrate faith and work?



What does the Bible have to say about work?